Garage Door Motor Replacement

Why Hire Garage Door Motor Replacement for Your Garage Door Installation?

Knowing when to get your garage doors replaced might not always be obvious and we advise you to speak to an expert to get a professional opinion. If you're experiencing any problems with your garage doors in Auckland, then it might mean that you need a garage door repair rather than a complete replacement, but it's always best to check with us first so we can properly assess the situation. There are a few key signs that will alert you to the fact that there's an issue, and if you notice any of them, you should call our team straight away.

1. Door movement. Doors that either open too quickly or too slowly indicate a potentially serious problem. Garage doors are supposed to open and close smoothly without any variation in the speed and if you're experiencing any noticeable difference, then you might need the help of our garage door repair services. Garage doors are extremely heavy and you don't ever want to risk them flying up or down and seriously injuring anybody.

2. Strange noise. Correctly functioning garage doors should open and close with little to no noise. If you are hearing any unusual sounds while it's being operated, then it's time to think about calling in the garage door repair experts. Any crunching, grinding, grating, and banging noises should not be ignored as they usually indicate that something isn't working properly and this could be potentially dangerous for you and your family.

3. Safety and Security. Motorised garage doors have a built-in safety mechanism to prevent damage and injury should they meet an obstruction in their path. The safety reversal sensors automatically communicate with the motor to ensure that the full force of the garage door never pushes down on an object below. We cannot stress enough how important it is to regularly test your garage door's safety system to avoid any accidents, and contact us immediately if there is a problem. There is also a security issue with garage doors that don't close properly as it may leave your house exposed to opportunist thieves who notice a point of entry.

4. Appearance. Garage doors face a great deal of wear and tear and they will naturally lose their attractive finish over time. Shabby or damaged garage doors can affect the curb appeal of your property and also have a negative effect on its value. Give us a call today to discuss how a new garage door could benefit your home and what options you have available.

If any of the above points has got you thinking about garage door repair or replacement then it's time to get in touch with our expert team at Auckland Garage Doors. We'll give you all the help and advice you need to make the right decision and lead you through the whole process from start to finish.